Check In – Check Out

Phil and Pri


Hello, we are Phil and Pri, the owners, operators and everything of Nach’Yo Average Food Truck! As the name of our business would suggest everything about us is Not Your Average i.e. we are very special! Our relationship has been special since we first met working in Seattle’s iconic Dick’s Drive-In. It was here we discovered our passion for cooking together, love of traveling, love of Seattle and hard working entrepreneurial spirit we both had. We have had truly magical relationship since we first met 5 years ago and to this day we continue to appreciate all the experience life sends our way.

We are a special couple because we come from different backgrounds but ever since we first met have joined together as one in all aspects of our lives and that has taken us to travel all around the country, work together, open a business together, and through all these we have grown stronger as a couple. We started off with very little and even though there have been some challenges and hard times we have continued to believe in each other and support each other and we have found that through our unity we can achieve everything and anything dream.

We would love to win a wedding at Hotel Sorrento because its a beautiful Seattle landmark and we would love to bring our families together to share our lives together and create this amazing memory to add to all the wonderful experiences we have shared. Hotel Sorrento is classy, chic, modern, worldly, and perfectly describes our spirit as a couple. Although we are engaged and have been saving up for our Wedding Day as new business owners we have had to make many sacrifices, especially financial ones, to help grow our business and make it succeed. Winning this Wedding would make all our dreams come true!

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