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Alchemy Vinyasa
Pranayama and Meditation

April 27, 2015 @ 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm

Penthouse at Hotel Sorrento

5:45 – 7pm Alchemy Vinyasa
(suggested donation $15)

7:05 – 7:45 Pranayama and Meditation
(suggested donation $10)

“I am that” is a teaching that echoes throughout many different yoga lineages, and traces back to the Upanishads. During this 4-week series, the first of many at the Sorrento, we explore “I am that” through movement, breath and stillness. Specifically, we increase body sensitivity and connect with always-present subtle sensations.

In Alchemy Vinyasa we participate in a potent physical practice intended to shepherd us right up to our edges, where we negotiate new relationships to them. Yoga practice, traditionally, is designed to wake us up from the patterns of the mind. In this class, together, we create an intentional sacred container and shake up our previously programmed reality while inside it.

During Pranayama and Meditation, we practice breathing techniques designed to remove obstructions that impede a free flow of life force through the body. Intentional breathing anchors our awareness in the physical body and prepares us to practice stillness.

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